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Today, people expect more from brands.They demands brands be…


Customers want privacy and personalization, urging relationships to be built on trust and a true value exchange.


Understand intersections to harness the power of every media connection ultimately strengthening brand presence.


Champion advertising that nurtures society, upholds environmental and diversity values, and promotes digital responsibility.

Leverage innovation to propel brand growth and success

Our Brands.

Our brands use the power of tech and media to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities.

Digital 360.

Accelerating your business across technology and digital marketing.

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Adtech &Data.

Unlocking the value of tech & data to drive business outcomes.

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Media Solutions.

Forging meaningful connections with deep understanding of your brands.

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Digital Sales.

Building authentic partnerships to scale your digital client acquisition.

e-Commerce at scale.

Adapting digital capabilities to improve efficiencies.

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Mobile Apps ecosystem.

Driving sales with measurable strategies.

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Óscar Alonso

CEO & co-founder

Founder and CEO in t2ó ONE since 2004, with over 25 years history of working in the marketing and advertising industry all over the world.

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Javier F. Saavedra

Global General Manager

Executive with 25 years in consumer marketing, media, and digital experience. Leading key roles at Google and Telefónica in Spain, USA and Canada.

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Nacho Rubio

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Director with extensive experience in Digital & Media companies. Experience in M&A. Former CFO at Lycos Europe. Executive MBA at IE. Based in Madrid.

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Alfonso del Barrio

Managing Director t2ó Spain

Managing Director in t2ó Spain. Previously assumed various roles, including COO, working closely with international offices from t2ó group.

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Karla López

Managing Director t2ó México

Managing Director in t2ó Mexico since 2018, who was on the pioneering team for its launch in 2010.

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Cristina Ughes

Managing Director in t2ó Italy

Managing Director in t2ó Italy, with extensive experience in telco and media Cristina was the former GM at Starcom | Publicis Media. Based in Milan.

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Alex Ramirez

Managing Director t2ó North America

Managing Director in t2ó North America, with 25 years of marketing experience, including 15 with t2ó. He led the expansion into the US and Canada.

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Álvaro Sánchez

Managing Director FiT

Managing Director of FiT. He brings over 20 years of experience in sales, management, and innovation, coupled with a background in Computer Engineering.

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Luis Piñeiro

Managing Partner LPF

Managing Director and Co-founder of LPF, with 20 years of extensive experience connecting brands with consumers.

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Roberto Gutierrez

Managing Partner Ontop

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of OnTop Media, with over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing and advertising environment.

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Eduardo Sánchez

Managing Partner Ontop

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of OnTop Media. Responsible for the online business optimization and data analytics Area.

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Víctor M. Sánchez López

Managing Director Gain

Managing Director of Gain, previously worked in consulting and telecommunications. He has management experience in international settings like Havas.

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Santi Fernandez

Managing Partner Leadgenios

Co-Founder & CEO of Leadgenios, a Performance Marketing company founded in 2016, who’s also an investor on Music Industry.

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Urtzi Elgorriaga

Chief Operating Officer Leadgenios

COO & Co-Founder of Leadgenios, who offers global marketing solutions with 9+ years in LATAM & Europe markets.

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Maria Castellanos

Chief Strategy Officer t2ó ONE

CSO in t2ó, with over 20 years of experience in marketing and media, focused on client management, strategic planning and digital transformation.

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Esther Checa

Global Head of Innovation t2ó ONE

Head of Innovation at t2ó for 12 years, recognized as a Top 100 Leading Women in Spain 2023, specializing in innovation, transformation, and digital marketing.

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Fernando Tornel

Chief Business Officer t2ó ONE

Chief Business Officer at t2ó ONE, with over 15 years in strategic consulting. He has worked with Minsait and Metsys across Europe and Latin America.

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Yenthel de la Torre

Head of Marketing t2ó ONE

Head of Marketing at t2ó ONE, with over 8 years of experience in the communication sector,including media, advertising, and agencies.

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Building proprietary tech solutions.

Predictive modelling based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Powerhouse of generative AI tools to drive efficiencies at scale.

Cross-Media Measurement & Planning of multimedia audiences.

Lead Management stack to max business impact to Contact Centers.

…with the world’s leading technology innovators.

Together with all our partners, we transform customer experiences every day with more powerful integrated solutions.

A Global ecosystem.

500+ employees

300 active clients

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